Building Signs

There are all sorts of signs that can become a part of your building to grow your business with the help of Barton Signs and Apparel.

Channel Lettering

Channel lettering and roof signs are typically large and easy to see from great distances so as to bring in a bigger audience. Many businesses will use these for their company name.

Logo Signs

Logo sings are also usually on a very large scale and high up so that it can draw in a bigger crowd and become a well-known symbol in its area.

Monument Signs

Monument signs will often stand closer to the road where customers can see as they drive past. This gives drivers a chance to see the company name again and maybe even learn more about it and its purpose.

Name Plates and Number Signs

Name plates and number signs prove very useful when it comes to locating and identifying specific areas of a building—indoor and outdoor.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are a great tool for when your customers are in need of some guidance in order to get where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Changeable Letters

For all of those occasions where you need to put out a new message, make a special sale known, or invite the public to an upcoming event, changeable letters are definitely the way to go, offering flexibility and saving you money by avoiding a whole new sign purchase.

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